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We are an English Medium Institute located in western province town of Nugegoda, Sri Lanka. Established in 2012 for English medium and the extended to Sinhala medium as well. We are having classes from ordinary level to advanced level with over 3000 Students.

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We want to offer you the best.

Education Counseling

Education Counseling help students to know the value of education. Educates students and parent s about the various courses in education. They suggest that is suitable to the student based on their skills and interest.


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Chairman and Founder's Message

My dear children, now you are stepping in to a new competitive and challenging territory of life crucial in shaping up your future in which very mindful decisions are to be taken as your decisions today will decide your tomorrow. As a responsible teacher and the chairman of ISM Institute who had guided thousands of kids to the victory in Ordinary Level examination, personally I beleive and feel that it’s my duty to extend the careful guidance in which you were brought up during O/L’s unitl you enter you university tertiary education level.
Therefore I would like to introduce you a well qualified and experienced panel of Advanced Level english medium lectures who have produced outstanding results in their careers over a long period of time.
I invite you all to continue your successful journey of education under the desciplined, student friendly environment at ISM with the most productive and qualified panel of Advanced Level lectures whom I personally selected to continue my academic service in your life.
Thank You,
Dimuth Manjula.


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