Find out where the numbers will lead you to.

As far back as can be dated, the earliest memories of mathematics has commonly been associated with finding the number of watermelons you have remaining after purchasing 36 and eating 7. Well to be entirely honest, math has evolved a great deal from that and now present us more often with the tedious task of finding x. That been said, math is a crucial requirement in life. Just look around. Humanity depends on math. It in fact is incorporated in everything man-made. Being a broad and neutral subject, math can seamlessly be combined with any type of subject matter. In turn proving, you can’t escape the math, so might as well take joy in learning it.

Combined Mathematics for the Advanced Level is a combination of Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, hence the name. It ranges from limits, integration, differentiation to momentum, simple harmonic motion and so on. One definite added advantage in this choice is the fact that parts of Physics will also be lightly covered, thereby benefiting a math student slightly. Even so, it is never an easy choice. Math comes with being able to train your mind to think. It’s simply a mind exercise and when trained properly, will result in an individual with a very logical and rational mindset.

The beauty of math is the fact that there is no end to what you can become after. From the basic choice of being an engineer to analyst, data scientist, statistician, chartered accountant, operational researcher, quantity surveyor, designer, so on and so forth. The reason for having such a demand in the math field is the fact that math can be used to solve real time problems. Problem solving is the essence of math and a problem solver is what everyone needs. It also provides a solid foundation for any other field of study thereby not limiting your future options.

Math is a quest of passion. A passion that will open doors to many destinations. A passion that needs devotion and is fueled by the mere curiosity and need to finish what is started. It needs constant practice and immense amounts of patience. Studying math includes learning how to learn in the first place. It’s knowing that sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to walk back and try another method. Mathematics is more than just a subject. It’s a way of thinking. A philosophy. A language. A way of life.

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