How will studying Biology help me in the longer run?

Kick starting the syllabus from Bio-diversity to closing the chapter at the end of two years with the study of bio molecules, for a student studying Biology, it is bound to be a very interesting journey where you learn different aspects of humans, animals and plants- generally considered, complex forms of life. The Biology stream is aimed to revolve around going into depth on things that were formerly taught in the primary and secondary educational levels. What would seem like a minor cross leaf examination will turn out to be highly microscopic and very precise. It in turn will either fascinate you or scare you off, given the fact that you have the ability to take full on pressure or a tendency crack due to stress- respectively.

This stream will focus on your memory capacity and depends mostly on your ability to understand, simplify and memorize long complicated cycles. The biology stream is for those out there who have a passion for the bio sciences and is willing to put their absolute 100% into what they are studying, since this stream can get very stressful and full of challenges.

The goal on the long run includes joining fields of study such as, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Research, Biomedical Engineering, Wildlife Conservation, Microbiology, Bioinformatics, Marine Sciences, Zoology, or either choosing to step forward in medicine and all these said fields currently have an increasing demand both locally and internationally.

Biology is for you if you are keen on discovering the reason “why” and “how” life is what it is. It is for those who are fueled by pure curiosity, for those who want to enhance, develop and preserve what we have around us. Biology is the ecosystem, it’s the animals and plants and everything around you. If this is who you are, if this is what you want to do, choosing biology will not be a chore for the next two years of your life but a major source of awe and ultimate understanding of everything that surrounds you. It will be the next piece of the puzzle you intend to solve.

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