Security Precautions at ISM

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Following security measures have been take in order to safeguard our students and management.

  1. No student will be allowed into ISM premises with backpacks, handbags, travelling bags, laptops, laptop bags etc. Students are advised to carry their books in transparent bags or by hand.
  2. All students are required to be present at the premises 15 minutes before their class commencement time, and no student will be allowed into ISM after the class commences since all the doors will be closed.
  3. No student will be permitted to enter the ISM premises without their ISM registration card and NIC/Passport
  4. Helmets and jerkins/jackets will not be allowed.

  1. All parents coming with students should present their respective NIC cards to the proper personnel before entering the premises.
  2. Security committees are appointed with the participation of parents.
  3. Due to the security measures taken by the government, we would not allow anyone enter ISM with a covered face (the ban includes burka and niqab).

  1. All students will be thoroughly checked before entering the institute, therefore their fullest co-operation is expected.
  2. If any student/any other person who does not abide by the rules, they will not be allowed to attend class until further notice.
  3. No vehicles will be allowed to park inside or in front of the ISM premises. Parents owning vehicles are strictly advised to drop off students through the St. Joseph’s road.

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